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Immerse yourself in your fandom

A database with every collectible ever made (eventually!)
Built and maintained by the most awesome community of super-fans and collectors around.
With Tons of Detail
So you'll always know that you've found the right one to add to your collection.
And Multiple Paths to Discovery
As every fandom is interlinked, discovering new interests is easier than ever.

Track & Display

Your collection, your way

Your collection, organized
Always have a record of what items you have, and the items you want to add to your collection.
Your collection, valued
Track your collection's value over time, this if you ever decide it's time to sell, you'll know what to expect.
Your collection, anywhere
Now you can show off your collection no matter where you are with your hobbyDB showcase!


Buy with Confidence

Harness the power of the database to find the exact item you're looking to add to your collection.
Depend on a dedicated team of marketplace warriors who constantly vet sellers and remove any bad ones that attempt to sell on hobbyDB.
Have the peace of mind knowing that your money is always safe as sellers don’t get paid until you’re happy with your purchase.

Meet the Heroes behind the Geek Magic

Advisory Council

Like the knights of the round table, this esteemed panel of experts lends their knowledge and expertise to ensure the integrity of the database is always maintained.

The Curation Nation

The guardians of the collectible galaxy! These fearless souls make up a dedicated task force with special powers that help keep hobbyDB data as accurate and organized as possible.

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Built by collectors for collectors, discover the ultimate home for collectors and fans worldwide.